African Face Masks -Raising Funds for KinderHulp Gambia

We have teamed up with KinderHulp Gambia who will be selling our African face masks in Europe to raise funds for their children’s charity!

The order is now readily packed to be sent to Holland! The masks are made from washable cotton fabric, either with African wax print or with tie-n-dye batik. All have a compartment for a replaceable filter, such as a tissue or fleece.

Your purchase will help twofold

In these difficult Corona times many tailors in The Gambia are having a hard time. There are no tourists are around to buy their products, and many local customers will put off buying new clothes too, due to economic hardship. This makes the sale of our African face masks all the more vital, to provide continued employment for our two tailors.

You will also help the KinderHulp Gambia foundation with income that is very much needed to continue their school and orthopedic projects in The Gambia, now that the proceeds of outside markets and fundraising events are missing.

For just € 5 each (excluding shipping costs), one of these colourful African face masks can be yours! Simply get in touch with KinderHulp Gambia to place your order.