About Us

Founded in 1985, TOP-SHOP is one of the longest existing businesses in The Gambian tourism industry. To prevent any upcoming confusion, we have nothing to do with the famous British TOP SHOP! Starting off as a leather work-shop, we quickly transformed into a fashion manufacturer, later adding various arts, crafts, jewelry, printed T-shirts and more.

Today, TOP-SHOP is a business with outlets in the Senegambia Beach Hotel and in Kombo Beach Hotel. We are an independent family business, and the majority of our employees have been part of TOP-SHOP for at least 10 years, some even since the early beginnings. This does not only refer to our sales team (pictured above!), but also to our production teams who work behind the scenes: To always create new and unique souvenirs, we have our own workshops for tailoring, recycling art, T-shirt printing, jewellery making, and food processing.

We are very proud of our more than three decades long history. Over the years, we have built and maintained long-lasting relationships with our suppliers – local manufacturers as well as travelling salesmen and women – who rely on us as a regular customer, buying for fair prices. This enables us to present you with African arts and crafts from the whole West-African region, as well as selected items from other parts of the world. Our prices are reasonable and fixed, meaning you can save your energy not having to barter. If you like peaceful shopping or just browsing around in a quiet and hassle-free atmosphere, you will certainly enjoy a visit in TOP-SHOP.

At the Senegambia Beach Hotel you will find our African Art Gallery where we exhibit and sell the mesmerising paintings by some of the most talented West-African artists. The Gallery is open every day and it is located on the 1st floor above the reception.

We look forward to welcoming you in The Gambia!



Where it all started – Senegambia Beach Hotel was our first outlet location, which we have been running since 1985. Here, upstairs in the main building, we operate a shop with arts, crafts, jewellery and more, as well as a slightly smaller shop focused on beach wear and clothing. We also display and sell beautiful paintings from the top local artists in our African Art Gallery, just above the hotel reception.


In December 2019, we opened the doors of our new “TOP-SHOP Selections” outlet for the first time. Located in the newly-built entrance complex of the Senegambia Beach Hotel, TOP-SHOP Selections is stocked with our range of light cotton clothing, as well as selected arts, crafts and souvenirs.




The Kombo Beach Hotel is a beautiful hotel located in Kotu. Here in the reception building we have had an outlet since 1998.