Bangie Faal

From Senegal via The Gambia to the USA

IMG-20171201-WA0019Bangie Faal is an abstract, impressionist painter of Senegalese nationality. He currently lives in New York and changed his name to Bandji Fall.

Bangie’s development as an impressionist/abstract artist is self-taught. He began to draw as a child, winning the attention of his primary school teachers and his peers.

After finishing school, he joined his father who specialised in metal work. Although becoming a certified welder provided an income, it also enabled Bangie to further explore and develop his artistic abilities.

In 1997, Bangie decided to leave Senegal for The Gambia, so that he could devote himself entirely to his art. That year he competed in an exhibition, which was part of The Gambia’s “Roots homecoming festival”, where he took second place. Over the following years, Bangie developed into a prolific artist, receiving many accolades.

Bangie Faal’s paintings have won him recognition as an artist across Europe and other African nations. He is currently represented by Barbara Sanders, proprietor of Factory Frames and Art Gallery in Hackensack, New Jersey.